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A revolutionary way of steep slope Logging

Tractionline is the latest innovation from E.M.S. Tractionline is a twin line traction winch assist system which is proving to be very positive with contractors and forest owners involved with steep slope harvesting. The Tractionline to our knowledge is the only system designed and manufactured to meet the stringent AS1418-1 safety standard which demands a safety factor of 5:1 on all components. The system runs constant tension with large back up and emergency brakes all controlled via wireless communication between the two machines.

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Feedback from owners who are operating the Tractionline have been extremely positive with comments like “ I can’t believe how stable my felling machine has become when attached to the Tractionline” being common place. The new Tractionline is certainly creating some traction of its own in various markets around the world.

In North America the Tractionline product is being represented by T.F.S :(Technical Forest Solutions) who are based in the North West city of Kelso in Washington State. T.F.S have a full install and support service underway and can assist with any questions for the Western US and Canadian market areas.